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London, UK: Breaking News Editor - NBC News Digital

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Breaking News Editor - NBC News Digital

London, UK


NBC News Digital is seeking a Breaking News Editor who will work in our London bureau to cover breaking U.S. news. The role will cover a wide variety of breaking news stories as they happen — including natural disasters, crime, lawsuits, cultural events, celebrity news, science developments and health studies, business news and viral social media posts. As the Editor on the morning shift in the U.K., you’ll take the baton from our Los Angeles team and produce multiple stories occurring in the overnight hours, U.S. time, that allow the New York editors to wake up to a fresh homepage and app.

In this role, you will be required to make quick judgments on which events to cover and how to cover them. This means you’ll often need to jump in and write a story yourself, depending on the needs of the shift. Once an initial story is published, you’ll oversee it as it continues to be updated, vetting reporting thoroughly along the way. You’ll make sure that the stories you’re editing have the best photos, videos and other elements to provide context to a reader as a story is developing.

You will work with the other editors on News Digital and will report to the Lead Breaking News Editor. You will thrive on reacting instantly and responsibly to breaking news, ensuring both speed and accuracy, clarity and fairness. As an NBC News editor, you will be obsessive about keeping NBC News competitive on major news stories and reporting news first, thriving on the challenge as a team player who never loses your cool.

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