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Tokyo, Japan: Japan Bureau Chief - Reuters

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Japan Bureau Chief - Reuters

Tokyo, Japan

Reuters is seeking a Japan Bureau Chief to lead our coverage from the world’s third-largest economy. The successful candidate will have a history of leading news teams and catalyzing coverage to serve financial specialists, media subscribers and the readers of The bureau chief will have responsibility for overseeing the reporters who cover Japan for our international audience and will work with the editor for Reuters Japanese language service to deepen collaboration in a crucial market for our news.

The successful candidate will have a deep understanding of the dynamics of Japanese politics and policy, its evolving role in regional security, the elements that make for compelling stories about companies from start-ups to Softbank and from a slowly consolidating banking sector to innovations that could shape the future of mobility. The bureau chief will also have a knack for spotting the stories from Japan that demand global attention from all corners of Japanese and an understanding of how to tell those across video, pictures, graphics and text.

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