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New York, US: Climate Solutions Reporter - Bloomberg

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Climate Solutions Reporter - Bloomberg

New York, US

Bloomberg Green is looking for climate journalists to help consumers understand the explosion in new Green technologies that are transforming the lives that we lead. We want to guide readers through the climate-driven transformation of the consumer sphere -- from the design of our homes to the cars in our driveways, the clothes in our closets and the food on our dinner plates. We want to help them make informed choices and distinguish between genuine solutions and empty, overhyped promises.

The successful candidates will have a proven ability to explain how climate solutions impact our daily lives and engage with our audience.
We're also looking for reporters with proven digital story-telling skills who can apply the fundamentals of climate journalism broad range of topics. They will be expected to produce a steady stream of stories every week. There will be space within this beat for service-oriented stories, explainers on emerging technologies, big-picture enterprise, consumer trend pieces, and hard-nosed accountability.

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