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Berlin, Germany: Eastern Europe Planning Producer - Ruptly

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Eastern Europe Planning Producer - Ruptly

Berlin, Germany

PLANNING PRODUCER with a focus on Eastern Europe
  • A Planning Producer who will be scouting for stories from around the world with a focus on Eastern Europe.
  • A highly organized, hardworking multitasker who is immune to stress.
  • Someone who lives and breathes news, has a universal news sense, sleeps and wakes up checking their feeds for news developments and breaking stories, can’t part with their cell phones even on days off and always dig for gripping stories.
  • A person who can anticipate the importance of news within minutes of it breaking and react accordingly.
  • Someone with considerable newsroom and –ideally- field experience.
  • A character who can operate equally well as part of a team and independently when needed
  • Is very flexible when it comes to working times and is able to work on weekends

  • Fluent in English and at least one Eastern European language. Any additional language is a big plus.
  • You have to be well-versed in European politics
  • A stress tolerant multi-tasker who can literally be on the phone while writing emails, checking news, and arranging news coverage at the same time!
  • In possession of EU citizenship or a valid EU work permit
  • A planning producer does what the name suggests; plans ahead, reacts to news before it hits the headlines. Planning producers constantly scan sources (including social media) for news stories worth covering, ranging from planned protests to… green cats and from rocket launches to controversial events that rarely garner the attention of mainstream media until it’s too late.
  • A planning producer needs to be able to manage a small team of people and determine what resources need to be deployed in any given circumstance, be it potential clashes or war-zone like situations, in a quick and cost-effective way.
  • Combining a highly developed knowledge of international news with superb organizational skills, the Planning Producer monitors all forms of media, generates future story ideas, develops contacts with organisations, newsmakers and freelancers in order to always be on top of developments and ready with a plan of action.
  • You will be responsible for spotting of news events ahead of time and implementing appropriate coverage plans.
  • You will aggressively pursue breaking news; providing agenda-setting coverage of national and international news locating sources of information, video and photos as well as interviewees.
  • You will work on daily newsgathering as well as consistently monitor all forms of media, including alternative and social networks, to identify upcoming events, growing movements and issues beginning to trend.
  • You will use your keen news sense and tenacity to keep digging, to track down newsmakers before they become big and, of course, ahead of the competition.
  • You will organize logistics; assign crews and resources to ensure adequate coverage while managing relevant permissions and clearances for filming.
  • You will prepare budgets for expected coverage and/or travel costs.
  • You will have a deep understanding of the branding goals of the agency i.e. what niche Ruptly aims to carve out for itself in the international news market and at what demographics of users/clients Ruptly output is aimed. As Planning Producer you will be expected to understand the brand-building directives from management and make sure that every effort is made -and every story designed - with the aim of achieving them.
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