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Home Based: Professional English Editor - UNDP

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Professional English Editor - UNDP

Home Based

Job Description

UNDP China is eliciting the services of a highly skilled English editor to proofread and edit draft reports and publications, typically of 20-100 pages in length, before they are cleared to be sent to design and printing.

The services will be requested periodically upon office needs when a new report/publication or other communication materials will be produced.

Expected Output (deliverables)

The consultant is expected to:

To review, proofread and edit draft reports, publications, evaluations and other information materials taking into account grammar, style, content and format, as per UNDP guidelines;
To check for and correct repetition and spelling or grammar mistakes as well as to improve phrasing and language use for easier reading;
To review and edit the presentation style, format (spacing, indentation, capitalization, paragraphs, headings etc.)

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