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Geneva, Switzerland: Editor-in-Chief - ITU (International Telecommunication Union)

Job Vacancy: Editor-in-Chief - ITU

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Closing Date: 9th June 2020

Organization Unit:

Within the General Secretariat, the Strategic Planning and Membership Department (SPM) advises the Secretary-General on strategic challenges and their implications for the Union in the fast evolving telecommunications/ICT environment; develops forward-looking strategic proposals to the ITU management team with a view to ensuring that the organization meets the objectives assigned by the membership; plans and coordinates the corporative and strategic activities with a view to ensuring their accordance with membership objectives; organizes and provides secretariat services to the Plenipotentiary Conference, Council, and other meetings in the general secretariat in order to achieve a high level of involvement from Member States and Sector Members, develops and maintains sound relations with Member States, Sector Members and other entities, the UN and other international organizations. The Department is also responsible for providing expert advice on communication and promotion strategies and for developing and implementing the Union's corporate communication plan in cooperation with the three Sectors with a view to promoting ITU leadership in the field of telecommunications and ICT.

Duties / Responsibilities

In the Strategic Planning and Membership Department (SPM) and under the direct supervision of the Head, Strategic Communication Division (SCD), the incumbent supervises the editorial team in SCD and performs the following duties:
Develops and ensures consistent implementation of an editorial content strategy in support of the ITU Constitution, Strategic Plan, Monitoring and Evaluation of Communications Framework and brand.

Develops editorial guidelines for user-, mobile- and SEO-friendly written content for internal and external contributors, in support of the corporate narrative, messaging, values, tone of voice/personality.

Works with relevant colleagues in SCD to set, monitor and evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) for above content, with a view to maximizing impact.

Runs editorial training sessions across ITU as necessary to empower strategic and consistent communications.
Performs quality control of all content created by SCD across channels and platforms, ensuring content is accessible, actionable, credible and trusted, relevant, timely and understandable. If necessary, edits, rewrites, abridges, simplifies or restructures texts for clarity, consistency and logical flow.

Oversees the maintenance of a rolling three-months editorial calendar for corporate channels and platforms which lays out the key issues and themes to be addressed in a continuous campaign approach, ensuring coordination and alignment between sectoral and corporate goals and needs. The planning should be informed by knowledge of target audience, market, news, public discourse and foresight issues, and regular consultation with the SCD editorial team and an Editorial Advisory Board, ITU's management, subject matter experts, external contributors and sector communication focal points.

Liaises with SCD teams in charge of disseminating, marketing, measuring and evaluating the performance of content through multiple corporate channels and platforms designed to reach target audiences and influencers worldwide.

Plans, coordinates, directs and supervises the development of SCD content which may include articles/blogs, web copy, speeches, op-eds and other third-party contributions, text for graphics, video and podcast scripts as well as the ITU News Magazine and the ITU News Weekly email newsletter. Writes, edits and directs the work of the art editor, editorial assistant, copywriter, internal and external thought leadership contributors and contractual writers to produce high-performing content. Determines the presentation and layout of each issue.

Identifies, mobilizes and fosters relationships with experts and thought leaders from the ITU membership and beyond that are willing to contribute articles for free. Works with them to produce content that reflects the state of the art in telecommunications and information and communication technologies (ICTs) in a simple, compelling way. Establishes and maintains contact with high-level representatives of governments, the private sector, international organizations and civil society to encourage contributions. Evaluates submitted articles taking into account quality, purpose and the target readership; recommends their acceptance (subject to editing), or their rejection, giving supporting arguments to the contributing authors.

Initiates, directs and develops, in collaboration with the ITU Sectors and the General Secretariat, content for special editions of the ITU News Magazine to coincide with major ITU events such as world radiocommunication conferences, world telecommunication development conferences, world telecommunication standardization assemblies, the Global Symposium for Regulators, plenipotentiary conferences and ITU Telecom World events. Develops business requirements and terms of reference for any contractual services that may be needed for the ITU News magazine.

Conducts readership surveys for the ITU News magazine, blogs/articles and the ITU News Weekly newsletter to gauge their impact; analyses the results of the surveys and proposes changes and strategies, as necessary, to continually improve content, layout and impact.

Reviews, periodically, subscription policies and subscription-handling instructions to ensure reader satisfaction and expansion.
Contributes to generating revenue for SCD, for example through advertorials, to enable the production of cutting-edge content formats.
Supervises and manages an editorial team.
Performs other related duties as assigned.

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Posted on TVZ: 15th April 2020

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