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New York/London/Other Location: Deputy Executive Director, Media - Human Rights Watch

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Deputy Executive Director, Media - Human Rights Watch

New York or London, other locations will be considered

Closing Date: 30th June 2020

Human Rights Watch is seeking an outstanding communicator, manager and strategist to lead media operations in the role of Deputy Executive Director for Media. The position will report to HRW’s Executive Director and may be based in New York, London, or other locations where HRW maintains a substantial presence. The ideal candidate will have senior level experience running a major media operation, deep knowledge about the rapidly changing media environment, vision for maintaining a leadership position within that environment, and the drive to press the organization to maximize its potential for visibility and impact.

The Deputy Executive Director for Media will direct HRW’s Media Department, including its units on communications, multimedia, digital, and public engagement, to generate maximum attention and impact for the organization’s research and advocacy. He or she will oversee a large group of dedicated communications experts, all engaged in promoting and disseminating HRW’s work through traditional and social media worldwide or producing material for direct dissemination to the public. Given the need to manage an enormous array of information for different platforms, in different formats, and in multiple languages, individuals with experience in leading complex media operations are preferred.

Human Rights Watch makes change in the world through the deployment of timely and accurate information and recommendations for change. With the decline of traditional media and reductions in the number of foreign correspondents, HRW now plays an increasingly important role as a provider of front-line information and analysis, as well as an advocate for human rights. Our aims differ from those of media organizations, in that beyond simply informing the public, we deploy information to protect the rights of people around the world. However, many of our methods are similar to those of the media. HRW's Media Department ensures that our information is concise, well written or presented, and made readily available in the ever-tighter news cycle on a variety of platforms. The Deputy Executive Director for Media will work closely with the Deputy Executive Directors of Program and Advocacy to ensure that our content reaches its target audience and effectively communicates HRW’s message. Because of HRW’s global footprint, extensive international travel is required.

As one of a handful of senior executives at Human Rights Watch, the Deputy Executive Director for Media will also help to ensure the smooth functioning of a complex global organization. In addition the occupant of the position will be expected to assist in fundraising both for the specific needs of HRW’s media operations and for the organization as a whole.


Candidates must excel in their ability to:

1. Formulate and lead strategies for maximizing the impact of HRW’s research and advocacy, as well as for navigating the rapidly evolving global marketplace for information.
2. Ensure that HRW’s international voice and perspective are heard in public conversations on rights-related issues, and that opportunities are seized for injecting a human rights perspective into conversations about global affairs.
3. Prioritize among the growing number of platforms for reaching key audiences, keeping in mind the widely varying media consumption habits of different countries and regions, and staying abreast of new media developments and technologies.
4. Speak to diverse audiences, both inside and outside the organization, about necessary investments for HRW to keep pace with changes in the media environment.
5. Hire, train, manage, and develop a team of high-powered professionals in the execution of global media strategies.
6. Build relationships with board members and donors to keep them informed of the latest developments and successes and to help identify additional prospective donors.
7. Collaborate with other senior executives at HRW to ensure the steady and strategic publication of content.
8. Play a lead role in internal communications.
9. Defend the organization against threats to its reputation.

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Posted on TVZ: 18th May 2020

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