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Belfast, UK: Content Editor - UTV

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Content Editor - UTV

Belfast, UK

Closing Date: 16th September 2020

Permanent role

We are seeking to appoint a highly creative individual to the position of Content Editor at our extremely successful operation in Belfast. As well as having the biggest news programme in Northern Ireland (BARB, 2019) we also produce many other shows from our offices in City Quays, from current affairs to documentaries and entertainment. Content Editors are senior figures in our half hour and one hour programmes. They may move around so a knowledge of both news and long form is desirable. We are looking for someone who can not only find the most powerful stories but tell them in the most innovative and engaging way, whether on air or online. You may also be asked to be a line manager.

At UTV and throughout ITV’s nations and regions, Content Editors specialise in a key skill such as producing, news editing or planning but should also be multi-skilled as demands may vary. You will be responsible for important editorial and operational decisions and be able to reflect issues affecting all our communities. We are keen to increase the numbers and prominence of stories which appeal to our Black, Asian and minority ethnic audiences.

With a significant depth of experience in journalism and full knowledge of media law, Ofcom compliance and Health and Safety policy, you will be a strong leader for the teams you work with. You’ll often be feeling the pressure and dealing with difficult situations, so you’ll need to show you can act with a level head.

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