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Doha, Qatar: Cameraman - Digital - Al Jazeera

Job Vacancy: Cameraman - Digital - Al Jazeera

Location: Doha, Qatar

The Cameraman will be working with the DOP and Cameraman across the digital division shows.

The cameraman should understand filming different type of videos (show/sketch/short-documentary/explainer with a personality/original) Understand digital content and new techniques. The position must be able to work quickly, work well with others, and be creative.

Key Responsibilities and Accountability:
  • The Cameraman sets up cameras, selects and mounts lenses
  • Operates the sound boom to assist the sound recordist
  • Coordinates the details of the shot with the script supervisor
  • The Cameraman maneuvers a crane and counterbalancing arm
  • The Cameraman functions as focus puller or keeps the camera in focus
  • The Cameraman moves the camera around as needed
  • The Cameraman maintains the camera making sure it is safe and working properly.
  • The Cameraman attaches the camera cables including the required lighting equipment’s
  • Make sure the quality of the work is up to Al Jazeera Standards and Requirements
  • Maintain neat archive on a daily basis of their work.
  • Report any technical problems encountered with the equipment
  • Assist with development of new technical workflows & equipment
  • Follows and work within all safety guidelines produced by the network or contracted security advisers.
  • Well versed in mobile journalism techniques

Job Details In Full / Apply: 

Posted on TVZ: 16th March 2020
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