BBH builds tailor-made OB van in Dubai

Having hired out broadcast equipment in the Gulf region for several years, Best Broadcast Hire (BBH) has now built an OB van that's designed to match the specific needs of the local industry.

"It was not the goal to build an OB van as we do it normally in Europe and ship it to the Emirates; it was the goal to build it here in our Dubai warehouse with our local people and listen to their needs and experience," said Anders Frandsen, the Project Manager of BBH.

The criteria for an OB van in the Emirates is different to elsewhere. The size of the vehicle is important, as is consideration for heat and sand.

Because of these challenges, it was important to design a vehicle with maximum interior space and a cool environment. It was also necessary to ensure that all parts could easily be replaced from BBH's local warehouse and not have to be flown in if needed.

This ambitious project started in December and was finished one week before February's Cabsat exhibition in Dubai. Immediately after finishing the project, BBH's new Outside Broadcast van was engaged in its first production at JPR, Dubai for Top Fight MMA.

At this year's CABSAT, the organizer established an outside area and the BBH OB van was the eye-catcher because of its highly-efficient concept.  H.H. Sheikh Hasher Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum visited the BBH OB van on the opening day.


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