Company Required for London 2012 Games Transmission Project

Brazil - Company Required for London 2012 Games Transmission Project

A communication group established in the State of Sao Paulo, has issued a proposal regarding a Olympic Games transmission project for its Pay TV Channel Band Sports.

The objective is to connect from it's Band Sports Booth (Headquarters-HQ) in London, to their Radio and TV Bandeirantes facilities in Sao Paulo, Brazil during the London 2012 coverage. In addition, it will be necessary to interconnect their HQ to the International Broadcast Center (IBC), a Bus Studio (through satellite and Microwawe link) and a regular SNG. The services supported will feed TV Band Sports, Band Radio and Band News Radio.

The winning provider can propose a different topology, since the services in their proposal are documented are guaranteed.
The proposal document issued is divided into two parts: One details the STM-1 interconection services. The second part outlines the mobile links: Bus Studio, SNG and up-link required.

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