Heavy rain poses no problem for Newslive's latest SNG truck

Roosendaal, Netherlands - July 2024: In this era of internet streaming Newslive has invested in a new satellite truck to add to its fleet. "No, we're not crazy!," said the company's Ad Testers.

Newslive launch new SNG satellite truck with 2.4m antenna in Holland.
To offer higher power, during increasingly bad weather, Newslive has decided to build a truck with a 2.4 meter antenna.

The 2.4 meter Andrew antenna is very rugged and offers an EIRP up to 77 dBW EIRP. Enough gain to put up big carriers or get a signal through the rain.

This truck is also equipped with the latest technology to decrease bandwidth use or increase picture quality.
A redundant NTT HC32000E HEVC Encoder. These encoders can offer your standard 1080i HD feed, but also 1080p, HDR or Ultra HD. But also a redundant 4 channel mux, if ever there's a need to backhaul a number of feeds.

All channels on a 1+1 feed can have 16 audio channels with Dolby-E or Dolby Atmos Passthrough. This encoder, together with DVBS2X and 16APSK modulation offers a HD channel on 4.5 MHz, instead of the standard 9 MHz, using 8PSK and DVBS2

Newslive is conveniently based on the border of The Netherlands and Belgium with quick access to France, Germany, Luxembourg and beyond.

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