Former TV journalist uses Reuters TV experiences to co-author 'security' manual

 Phnom Penh, October 2021: Former TV producer Glen Felgate has drawn on some of his experiences working as a journalist in warzones for Reuters TV in the 90s to co-author a 'personal protection' book with a security expert who provided ‘close protection’ to some of the world’s most powerful people.

Protecting Yourself: John Muller & Glen Felgate
In his latest book, PROTECTING YOURSELF AND THOSE AROUND YOU (HOW TO THINK LIKE A CLOSE PROTECTION OFFICER – BODYGUARD), Felgate describes experiences in Sierra Leone, Congo-Kinshasa, Congo-Brazzaville, Bosnia and on training courses he underwent while working at Reuters TV. He also mentions experiences working as a Public Relations representative for a security company run by an ex-SAS operative as well as some of his experiences setting up TV channels in Cambodia.

“While this is not a memoir, there are snippets of my past experiences with Reuters TV in this manual which we hope will help illustrate some of the points being made by security expert John Muller,” said PROTECTING YOURSELF co-author Glen Felgate. “In some respects, this is a prequel to a full-blown memoir which I am currently working on.”

Felgate has written PROTECTING YOURSELF AND THOSE AROUND YOU (HOW TO THINK LIKE A CLOSE PROTECTION OFFICER – BODYGUARD) with security professional John Muller who has provided ‘Close Protection’ for such famous people as President George H W Bush, Richard Gere, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Jeff Bezos and Neil Armstrong. John has also provided security for Vladimir Putin’s visit to Thailand.

“As a former military man and an Associate Life Member of the American Special Forces as well as an Honorary Member of the Royal Thai Special Forces Association, John knows what he is talking about and is in a perfect position to advise others. This is why we have decided to write this book,” adds Felgate. “The book is aimed at CEO’s, travellers, expats living abroad and those with an interest in how to stay safe at home, in the office and while travelling – from a bodyguard’s point of view.”

As described on the book’s back cover, the book is ‘written in an informal, almost conversational style’. The description states that ‘PROTECTING YOURSELF (AND THOSE AROUND YOU)' offers advice on how to stay safe at home, at work and while travelling overseas. The cover also states that one will find helpful tips on defending oneself (as an absolute last resort), guarding a client’s reputation, and choosing a Close Protection Officer (bodyguard) – should you need one. Extracts from the book appear on Glen Felgate’s website – The book is available as a paperback or Kindle version on

Felgate describes the book as a ‘how to’ manual that has been written with the busy executive in mind.

“There are bullet points at the end of each chapter as well as descriptions of how to secure an office as well as be on your guard while travelling,” Felgate adds. “This book has been written very much with the layman in mind using some of my own anecdotes to pique the interest.”

Felgate says that he is in the process of writing an 80,000 word memoir but is waiting for submissions from some former Reuters colleagues who are also contributing to the next book.
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