VRT use Quicklink Studio for ‘De Warmste Week’ fundraiser event

 Swansea, March 2020: VRT, the national public-service radio and television broadcaster for the Flemish Community of Belgium, have recently used the Quicklink Studio (ST55) solution for coverage of VRT’s annual charity fundraiser De Warmste Week (The Warmest Week).

VRT uses Quicklink studio.
Studio Brussel, which is part of VRT, is a Dutch-speaking radio station that is aimed mainly at a youth audience. During De Warmste Week, Studio Brussel used the Quicklink Studio (ST55) for their radio marathon. Every morning Studio Brussel held a video call with Dieter and Kevin from ‘Down The Snow’ to follow them along their hitchhiking adventure from Russia to Belgium.

“The Quicklink Studio solution is a very user-friendly solution which works smooth and efficiently, is not complicated and is easy-to-use” said a spokesperson at VRT.

“After a few tests, we found the Quicklink Studio was the ideal solution. It allowed us to easily invite a user via a link and have them appear in the interface instantly. By using the Quicklink Studio we were able to initiate a connection with full audio and video in both directions, giving us a ‘full-fledged’ duplex environment.”

The VRT fundraiser De Warmste Week raised over €17.5 million for charities, breaking all previous records.

The Quicklink Studio was provided to VRT by VP Media Solutions, a media technology solutions and services provider based in Brussels that focuses on delivering and implementing solutions that will provide their customers with a clear return on investment and add value to the content they offer.

In addition to De Warmste Week, VRT are using the Quicklink Studio for audio calls during radio broadcasts. In the near future, VRT plan to use the Quicklink Studio to integrate video calls with artists into their broadcasts, enriching the video streams and producing more unique online content.

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