ENEX welcomes back Stod 2 Iceland as a partner to the news alliance

 Luxembourg, April 2018: ENEX is welcoming back an Icelandic partner to the news alliance. Channel 2 (Stod 2) Iceland is part of Syn, the parent company of Vodafone Iceland, which operates several radio and television stations and one of Iceland’s main digital news sites, visir.is.

Thorir Gudmundsson, Channel 2 Editor in Cief, Iceland
Channel 2’s Editor in Chief, Thorir Gudmundsson, said, “Rejoining the ENEX partnership is part of an ambitous policy of strengthening our domestic and international news coverage. We are happy to be back.“

Iceland returns in time to benefit and participate from our special World Cup plans, where Iceland will face off against other ENEX partner countries, Argentina and Croatia in Group D of the competition. A special exchange pool is being set up to pair ENEX partners with their opponents so video and information can be shared.

Adrian Wells, Managing Director of ENEX, said, “ENEX is expanding across the world but welcoming back Channel 2 is a special moment because ENEX has always maintained links with our Icelandic friends. We look forward to making sure that Channel 2 benefit from all our new services and partnerships.”


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