Globecast and CBTV announce innovative, event-based IP-over-satellite transport platform

 Los Angeles, March 2018: Globecast has announced a technology partnership with Santa Barbara, CA-based CBTV for the launch of a groundbreaking new transport platform. This allows media, event producers and content providers to deliver streaming, file transfers, WiFi, 4K, 8K, and 360-degree live content using native IP-based satellite transmission from remote locations — moving beyond traditional broadcast formats and video workflows while creating advanced alternatives.

CBTV and Globecast produce new system for IP-based satellite transmissions.
The partnership between CBTV and Globecast provides high-availability bandwidth and highly efficient satellite capacity in areas where connectivity is limited, damaged, non-existent, or cost prohibitive. Customers can use the service for a variety of IP-based workflows including: high-bandwidth moving picture content; file transfers; communications redundancy; and IT services between remote sites and home locations — often reaching beyond existing infrastructure and facilities.

CBTV is a leading provider of news/special event remote connectivity via satellite, specializing in Internet protocol networked transmissions. CBTV has supplied RF/modem modulation, IP switching, and routing equipment to Globecast’s Culver City Media Center, forming a centralized media hub and worldwide backbone for customers using the platform.

Chris Borghesani, Owner/Director of CBTV commented, “When searching for a technology partner, it was apparent that Globecast had the global reach and flexible solutions necessary for this platform to work. Together, we can now offer customers a combined toolbox of conventional and new media workflows that uses native IP and high-power satellite transmission, which is an evolution we are leading.”

Tim Jackson, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Globecast Americas said, “CBTV is a true innovator when it comes to live events. When you take IP technology and combine it with our Media Centers, the result is a flexible, wide-scale platform that allows individual customers to choose how they use the available connectivity — whether it’s for just a few minutes of HD video or for connectivity to their local LAN. This new offering means we’ve expanded the breadth and depth of how we distribute content, and we’re grateful to CBTV for their creative vision.” /
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