Telenor Satellite achieves full certification from the World Teleport Association for its Nittedal Teleport

Norway, July 2017: [Source: Telenor Satellite] Telenor Satellite is proud to announce that we have now achieved Full Certification of our Nittedal Teleport under the WTA’s Teleport Certification Program.

Telenorsat's Nittedal Teleport given full certification
Since its introduction in 2015, the WTA Certification program has quickly gained industry favour, with 20 teleports now certified and a further 12 in the evaluation process.

The Teleport Certification Program was established to provide an independent, unbiased assessment of teleport facilities, including technical infrastructure and operating procedures. The scheme allows teleport operators to demonstrate the quality of their operations, giving their customers and partners the opportunity to select vendors best suited to their needs.

The WTA initially issued our Provisional Certification in April, based upon extensive information we provided. This data was analysed against certification standards set by a committee of industry experts, as well as representatives of end-user customers.

In order to receive full certification an auditor must visit the teleport site to conduct an onsite evaluation and provide an independent verification of the company’s data. The auditors also look at a number of additional factors which can positively or negatively affect their assessment. Full Certification is based on a 1 to 4 Tier system, in which 4 represents the very highest degree of excellence.

Telenor Satellite received a Level Three Certification, which is a very good rating for a Teleport of Nittedal’s size, according to Jonathan Kennedy, Director of Teleport Operations for Telenor Satellite. The WTA certification will now remain in effect for 3 years.

Jonathon further added: “Telenor Satellite is very pleased to receive the Tier 3 Certification from the WTA. This is a great acknowledgement that we are capable at providing high quality, resilient services to our existing and potential customers.”

Recognising our long-standing background in the industry, WTA executive director Robert Bell said:
“Telenor’s heritage in communications goes back to 1855, and in 1976 it became the first company to connect with an offshore oil platform via satellite. The WTA is proud to add the company’s Nittedal teleport to our fast-growing list of certified operations around the world.”

The World Teleport Association is dedicated to promoting excellence in teleport business practice, technology, and operations. Find out more information about the WTA Teleport Certification Program.
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