Globecast partners with Intelsat to expand TRT World into the Americas and Asia

 Paris, May 2017: Globecast has partnered with Intelsat to distribute the international 24-hour news platform TRT World into the Americas and Asia. Under the multi-year deal, Globecast will transmit TRT World high-definition channel in English to Asia and the Americas via the Intelsat 20 and Intelsat 21 satellites using the Intels23atOne® Fiber Network and teleport services.

Globecast partners with Intelsat to distribute TRT World
Philippe Bernard
Philippe Bernard, CEO at Globecast commented, “We’re delighted to be working with Intelsat to help broaden TRT World’s footprint and deliver HD content to millions of viewers in Asia and the Americas. This deal underscores our commitment to doing what we do best — which is providing our customers with a way to efficiently distribute content and tap into new growth areas around the world.”

Globecast is expanding its longstanding relationship with Intelsat to distribute TRT World content to Asia and Latin America on Intelsat’s highly penetrated video neighborhoods. Intelsat 20, located at 68.5 East degrees, is the leading distribution and Direct-to-Home distribution platform serving Africa and the Indian Ocean region. Intelsat 21, located at 302 degrees East, is one of four satellites comprising Intelsat’s powerful video neighborhoods serving the Latin America region.

Deputy Director General of TRT, Ibrahim Eren, states that it is important for TRT World to be available on Intelsat 20 and 21. Eren says, “Intelsat is renowned for its advanced fleet of satellites and overall expertise in the business. Through their help, coupled with sophisticated technology from Globecast, we’re delighted to expand TRT World to millions of viewers across the Americas and Asia,”

Rhys Morgan, Intelsat’s Managing Director, Europe, commented, “Globecast has been an important partner of ours for many years and we’re excited to be working with them on further distributing TRT World’s content. It’s another way for us to further in our media neighborhoods to ensure that we can support the growth of our customers distributing new high definition programming around the world.”
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