SES announces successful completion of merger of RR Media with SES Platform Services

 Luxembourg, July 2016: SES has announced the successful completion of the merger of RR Media, a leading provider of global digital media services, with its wholly-owned subsidiary, SES Platform Services.

MX1 is formed with the merger of SES Platform Services and RR Media
SES has acquired RR Media for USD 13.291 per share, leading to an enterprise value of USD 242.2 million.  

The merged company, which will operate as MX1, will enhance and scale up SES’s existing video capabilities to deliver and monetise video services across linear and non-linear platforms. MX1 will leverage the global networks and cloud technologies of both companies to offer a full suite of innovative digital video and media end-to-end solutions for the world’s leading media businesses, which will further strengthen SES’s leadership in the global video market.

MX1 will work with leading media businesses to transform content into the ultimate viewer experience for a global audience and provide video expertise and capabilities such as highly-optimised content management and distribution services.

Together, MX1 will distribute more than 1,000 TV channels, manage the playout of 440 channels and deliver syndicated content to more than 120 leading subscription VOD platforms. The new company has 16 offices worldwide and operates six state-of-the-art media centres, enabling customers to reach billions of people around the world.

MX1 will be led by the newly-named CEO Avi Cohen, who was previously the CEO of RR Media. Together with HD PLUS, another SES subsidiary responsible for the leading HD platform in Germany, MX1 will be part of the SES Media Solutions led by Wilfried Urner.

“We are confident that the new MX1 will leverage the expertise and success they have garnered in their respective key markets to expand their product portfolio. The addition of MX1 to the SES group is a first step in globalising SES’s video services business and in accelerating the completion of our goal to become one of the leading next generation media service providers,” said Urner, CEO of SES Media Solutions.

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