Anatel issues guidelines for satellite earth stations operating within Rio2016 venues

Brazil, June 2016: (Source: Anatel, the telecom regulator in Brazil) If you are a Rio2016 Rights-Holding Broadcaster (RHB), or will operate any earth station transmitting to a GSO satellite (C, Ku or Ka bands) during the event, it is mandatory that your station be previously authorized, holding a license for temporary use of spectrum issued by Anatel.

Anatel issues guidelines for satellite uplinkers for Rio 2016 Olympics.
Information acquired from temporary use of spectrum licensing process is fundamental for satellite radiomonitoring activities to be performed by Anatel. It can also be necessary for any immediate interference mitigation activities, in case it comes to be necessary.


Inside all competition venues, in order to allow a better protection against radiointerferences, even for those earth stations which are already licensed by Anatel for regular occasional use in Brazil, such as SNGs and Flyaways (e.g. Satellite Limited Private Service license), authorization for temporary use of spectrum must be applied, being required to obtain specific license for temporary use by earth station (transportable or permanent) for Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Test and Tagging of Earth Stations

After being granted a temporary spectrum license by Anatel, it is necessary to send a request for test and tagging of your earth station uplink. You may send a scheduling proposal for and, according to the procedures described in Spectrum Newsletter 08/2016 - Rio 2016 Test and tagging procedures.

For the specific cases of test and tagging procedures of earth stations transmitting to Geostationary Satellites (C, Ku and Ka bands), it is highly recommended that the request of license for temporary use of spectrum be made as soon as possible, in order to allow the operation during the event, and allowing a better planning of test and tagging scheduling.

After 22nd July 2016, Anatel Spectrum Enforcement Agents at the Rio2016 Venues will be visiting each earth stations sites as the Satellite Farm, Broadcast Compounds and further SNG parkings. These visits aim at verifying earth stations operations compliance to its temporary spectrum licenses and performing the test & tagging (T&T) procedures. It will also serve to allow collecting further technical details of each earth station, in order to facilitate Anatel satellite radiomonitoring operations, including support for eventual radiofrequency interference resolution.

For optimizing this process, Anatel requests all earth station operators to keep the stations licensing documents (e.g. Anatel “Authorization Act”) nearby the station during the whole period of the event, showing it to Anatel staff whenever it is required. 

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