Telairity simplifies its product line with two next-generation encoders replacing 15 previous models

Santa Clara, Califirfornia, April 2016: Telairity, a global leader in encoding technology, has announced the complete upgrade of its previous product generation to new next-generation products. Enabled by Telairity’s new TVP 840™ video processor, the product line has been radically simplified, reducing 15 separate models to just two highly flexible, versatile products.

Both new and old products can be viewed on Telairity’s website at

Telairity H.264/AVC encoder for HD
Here is a brief outline of the new next-generation products.

1. The BE8600 contribution encoder is a single-channel unit in a small half-width 1RU chassis that replaces all earlier single-channel Telairity units. In addition to standard rack-mount use, this “go anywhere” 5 lb. unit can easily fit into ENG vehicles of any size or type, including vans, minicars, satellite uplink trucks, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. It can also sit on a desktop, tabletop, or be tucked away wherever convenient inside a studio or broadcast facility.

This next-generation BE8600 offers better responsiveness and higher picture quality for both HD and SD formats in a smaller, quieter, more convenient, more durable, and more cost-effective package.

While providing archival high-bitrate 4:2:2 contribution-mode H.264/AVC encoding for HD, the BE8600 also supports low-bitrate 4:2:0 HD/SD modes for high-quality contribution links over crowded urban airways, where backhaul bandwidth is tightly constrained, and for direct-to-viewer distribution over MPEG-4 networks.

The Nexgen BE8600 replaces seven earlier single-channel encoders: for mobile formats (BE6110), low latency SD (BE7110), low bitrate SD (BE9110), studio HD (BE8110), rugged ENG van and truck HD (BE8110-T), rugged helicopter HD (BC8110), and HD/SD 4:2:0/4:2:2 auto-switching (BE8500).

2. Telairity’s BE8700 multichannel distribution encoder is a full-width 1RU unit optionally configurable for 1 to 4 channels. Each H.264/AVC channel auto-switches between HD and SD, depending on the nature of its input signal. As a consequence, the unit instantly reconfigures from 4 SD channels to 4 HD channels, or any 1-3, 2-2, or 3-1 mix of HD/SD channels, simply by switching all or some channel inputs from SD to HD or vice-versa.

The Nexgen BE8700 replaces eight earlier multi-channel encoder, including: 2-channel and 4-channel encoders for mobile formats (BE6200/6400), low latency SD (BE7200/7400), and low bitrate SD (BE9200/9400). It also replaces a 2-channel HD model (BE9300) and a 3-channel HD/SD/mobile multiformat model (BE9300).

While replacing all earlier 1RU multichannel Telairity units, the BE8700 also provides flexible HD/SD combinations not previously available in any 1RU system. As with the BE8600, the BE8700’s flexibility comes with no added module or licensing costs, plus the advantage of individual or multiplexed ASI outputs and dual multiplexed GigE IP outputs.

According to Harlan McGhan, Telairity vice president of marketing and sales, “Now is a great time to be shopping for H.264/AVC encoders. Whether you’re looking for a flexible future-proof next-generation system or seeking a bargain price on one of our field-proven older models while stocks last, Telairity has the system to satisfy your exact requirements and budget. And we continue to back the quality of everything we sell, new or old, with our industry-best warranty, included with every system at no extra cost.”
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