Telairity and Zixi combine forces to perfect live streaming on the internet

 Santa Clara, Calif. and Waltham, Mass. April 2016: A robust, distance agnostic, digital streaming solution ensuring perfect delivery for live broadcast-quality encoded video over any public or private IP network has been announced by Telairity Inc. and Zixi, LLC.

Telairity and Zixi perfect IP live streaming for broadcast-quality transmissions.
The strategic partnership between Telairity and Zixi combines Telairity’s proprietary TVP technology for creating high quality MPEG-4 video from primary sources in real time with Zixi’s proven streaming protocol, enabling IP video streams to be repackaged and reshaped for reliable delivery to a wide variety of client devices. The result is a new level of functionality for live streaming over the internet, providing both the fidelity and immediacy needed for a truly immersive viewing experience.

According to Harlan McGhan, Telairity vice president of marketing and sales, all Telairity encoders can now be ordered with companion Zixi-enabled Feeder and Broadcaster software running on a Zixi appliance. “For Internet content providers,” he said, “Telairity’s ability to generate broadcast-quality video in real time using a minimal number of bits is only the first part of a live streaming solution. The encoded stream is then encapsulated in the Zixi protocol for protected delivery of SD/HD and even UHD content over any distance using standard internet connections.”

“Telairity encoders paired with Zixi Feeder/Broadcaster now offers a complete live streaming solution for IP video that we believe is unmatched in the industry.”

“Telairity real-time encoders are among the most innovative and best-designed encoders for the broadcast, cable and Internet markets,” added Ray Thompson, vice president of product marketing at Zixi. “Zixi is happy to be adding Telairity to the Zixi EcoZystem of partners who rely on Zixi’s end-to-end protocol to reliably deliver error free content leveraging the availability and economics of a standard internet connection.”

The Terlairity/Zixi package consists of either a half-width Telairity 1RU BE8600 contribution encoder paired with a half-width 1RU Zixi Feeder/Broadcaster in a single full-width rack slot, or a full-width Telairity 1RU multichannel BE8700 distribution encoder paired with a full-width 1RU Zixi Feeder/Broadcaster in a second slot. A single Zixi Feeder/Broadcaster can handle streaming over IP for multiple Nexgen BE8600 or BE8700 encoders.

Telairity designs, manufactures and markets real-time video processing solutions for broadcast and professional video applications. Telairity's H.264/ AVC video compression systems, based on its exclusive TVP technology, combine exceptional picture quality with high reliability, ease of use, and unique features like “instant on”. Telairity contribution encoders feature low latency and 4:2:2 archival format in addition to standard 4:2:0 format. Telairity distribution encoders focus on providing the best 4:2:0 video possible at low bitrates.

Telairity encoders hand off to the Zixi Feeder/Broadcaster which can then send secure video over IP to Zixi receivers (public or private cloud), using Zixi’s private protocol to guarantee lossless, low-latency end-to-end delivery of the video stream. Alternatively, streams can be repackaged for distribution using standard streaming IP protocols like HLS, RTSP, or RTMP to directly target appropriate client devices. Live IP steams that result from Zixi software coupled with primary source feeds from Telairity real-time encoders are of the highest achievable quality, helping broadcasters engage their audience by delivering an enhanced Quality of Experience that drives revenue by enabling content that otherwise would not be economically feasible. Live streaming crews.

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