Mediatec Broadcast Group changes its name to NEP

Volketswil, Switzerland, March 2016: ‘Mediatec Broadcast Group’, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has announced that its company name is to change from Mediatec Broadcast to NEP. The change is effective immediately and includes all affiliated companies in Belgium, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. The holding company name is ‘NEP Sweden Holding’ and the affiliated companies are named ‘NEP [followed by each country name]’.

Mediatec Broadcast Group changes its name to NEP
NEP is a leading worldwide provider of outsourced production solutions offering technical services for outside broadcasting, studio production, host broadcasting, post production, smart asset / media management, multi-screen delivery and end-to-end OTT solutions.

Reto Osterwalder Managing Director, NEP Switzerland AG, said: “The integration of NEP and Mediatec Broadcast has been very successful and is now complete. Today we are all part of a strong alliance, the NEP worldwide network. The combined organization allows us to help our customers to get access to one of the strongest production environments in the world, both in terms of technology and knowhow,”

Paul Henriksen, CEO NEP Holding, explains: “NEP’s strength lies in our broad technological know-how within small and large scale productions across sports and entertainment clients. We have a global reach that we combine with strong local expertise. Our employees and our worldwide pool of resources make us future-proof and sustainable, which is a key factor when content and business models are changing rapidly,”

NEP Europe is part of the NEP worldwide network and fully owned by NEP Group, headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA. Kevin Rabbitt is CEO NEP Group and comments: “These changes will allow NEP to operate much more seamlessly across regions and provide an even higher level of service to our clients. While the Mediatec Broadcast brand has served our clients very well over the years, we felt it was in our clients' best interest to combine as one team so that we can provide seamless solutions to clients across multiple countries and regions.”

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