Al Jazeera to cut 500 jobs; most of them will be in Qatar

Doha, March 2016: Al Jazeera Media Network has announced a reduction of its workforce as part of an optimisation initiative in connection with the ongoing transformation of the media landscape.

It is expected that around 500 positions worldwide will be affected, the majority of which are in Qatar.

Al Jazeera to axe 500 jobs, mainly in Doha
"Over the past few months, we have carefully evaluated every option available to the Network in order to ensure that we are best positioned in light of the large-scale changes under way in the global media landscape," said Mostefa Souag, the acting director general of the Network.

"Based on this review, we have embarked on a workforce optimisation initiative that will allow us to evolve our business operation in order to maintain a leading position and continue our recognised commitment to high-quality, independent and hard-hitting journalism around the world."

He added: "While our decision is consistent with those being made across the media industry worldwide, it was difficult to make nonetheless. However, we are confident it is the right step to ensure the Network's long-term competitiveness and reach."

The optimisation initiative furthers the Network's other announcements this year that reflect the organisation's commitment to its mission to inform and engage audiences, no matter who they are or where they are, and consequently, to evolving its business operations.

Recently the Network announced the future expansion of its international digital service across multiple platforms into the United States.

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