GlobeCast expands and rebrands its fiber network

GlobeCast announced that its international fiber network, newly renamed the GlobeCast Backbone Network, now offers broadcasters the ability to not only reach new markets, but to connect to major bouquet operators, broadcasters, playout facilities, media centers and teleports worldwide. The network now reaches 32 Points-of-Presence around the globe including, most recently, Johannesburg and Sao Paulo.

A network with two main goals

The newly expanded network has two key aims; the first being to provide a cost-effective way for content to be moved quickly and securely around the world, and the second to allow those broadcasters using the network to easily access an existing community of partners and facilities once the content reaches its destination.

Points-of-Presence on five continents Johannesburg are Sao Paulo are the latest Points-of-Presence on the GlobeCast Backbone Network, which spans five continents and uses over 92,000 km (57,000 miles) of DTM fiber in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. Each PoP was selected for its strategic location and responds to market growth and the needs of GlobeCast’s present and future clients. New PoPs are being planned for deployment in late 2010 and will be announced in coming months.

Impressive customer references

Sky, RAI, Al Jazeera, Fox, Disney, Discover, Pramer and France Televisions are just some of the major worldwide broadcasters that benefit from the GlobeCast Backbone Network today. With the expansion and development of the network, existing clients such as these will be able to improve their connectivity and expand easily to new regions.

Press Contact: Tracey Milham + 44 77 10 970 120
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