Eurovision Flex deployed for US Presidential campaign

Geneva, February 2016: Eurovision has used its new IP based service, Eurovision Flex, to enable high definition live shots and playouts for international broadcasters at last week’s US primary election in New Hampshire.

Live IP transmissions using Eurovision Flex.
Launched early this year, Eurovision Flex’s dedicated IP encoding and decoding appliances, using Mobile Viewpoint’s award-winning technology, is being gradually rolled out to cover major news events such as the US presidential caucuses in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

This innovative IP technology enables major news broadcasters to go live from where news is happening. The successful results prove that Eurovision’s decision to offer, and further develop, IP solutions for broadcast services is now widely accepted as the major tool for cost-effective and fast news gathering.

“Eurovision Flex gives us a new cost-effective way to bring customers’ content on to the Eurovision global network,” said Jay Hahn, Vice President and Engineer-in-Charge at Eurovision Americas, Inc.

“It provides a means of transmission in places where traditional broadcast fibre isn’t available or would be prohibitively expensive. The product takes up very little space and the dashboard provides an easy interface to manage the connections right there on your laptop.”

EBU Network Director Graham Warren added “Eurovision Flex is our open IP hybrid network for our clients. No matter the location, our motivation is to be able to offer media professionals the means to manage their transmissions wherever and whenever. This is exactly the mission of Eurovision Flex latest IP digital technology and its enhanced online portal. The US elections were the perfect event to prove our technology right and it did.”


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