Globecast strengthens its satellite position over Americas with new platform on AMC-11

 Los Angeles, December 2015: Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, has announced that it has launched a new satellite platform on the AMC-11 satellite. As a result, prospective and current clients can benefit from the most powerful orbital position in the US for distribution to cable headends. This is evidenced by the fact that the satellite already hosts over 70 major Tier-1 American channels.

Globecast's teleport in Los Angeles
Eddie Ferraro, Managing Director, The Americas, at Globecast said, “This new platform on AMC-11 is in a very desirable orbital position. Using DVB-S2 modulation means we can offer a larger and more diverse range of premium cable distribution capacity, over and above our capacity on SES-3. Because we also offer origination and playout services supported by Media Factory, our cloud-based content preparation platform, this means we can provide our customers with end-to-end solutions to reach their chosen audiences.”

AMC-11, which covers the entire North American and Central American area, is owned by SES. Steve Bunke, Vice President, Sales of North America, at SES said, “Globecast is a long-term partner and has platforms on other SES satellites serving the Americas and Europe. SES is pleased that Globecast has chosen to build a new platform on AMC-11, which is located at a premium orbital position. Together, we aim to enable the cost-effective and optimal delivery of broadcasting services across the Americas.”

The new AMC-11 platform also allows Globecast to offer all content providers a Tier -1 neighborhood and the best possible North American footprint coverage at a competitive price point. The platform and uplink are managed out of the state-of- the-art Culver City facility near Los Angeles.

Sports channel Gol TV, a 24/7 network dedicated to soccer and an existing customer, is the first to have taken the opportunity to transition their HD feed onto Globecast’s new platform. As well as Gol TV, Globecast has signed additional contracts with companies including Revenue Frontier.

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