Broadcast encoding manufacturer, Telairity, introduces new multichannel HD/SD Encoder

Santa Clara, California, November 2015:  A new 1RU H.264/AVC video encoder, featuring four encoding channels that auto-switch between HD and SD has been unveiled by Telairity, a global leader in encoding technology. 

Telairity BE8700 video encoder - multichannel system.
The Telairity BE8700 multichannel system (available in configurations of 2-, 3-, or 4-channels) is a scalable, fully programmable broadcast quality encoders for high and standard definition video formats; able to autosense input type and select a corresponding HD/SD encoding mode automatically.

Telairity’s uniquely powerful technology generates leading-edge H.264/AVC video compression to achieve industry-leading video quality at very low bit rates for maximum transmission and storage efficiency. The 1RU BE8700 multi-channel platform also minimizes rack space to further reduce per-channel costs. The BE8700 can be readily upgraded via a software download to add new features or enhance performance.

PDF download for the BE8700

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