RRSAT upgrades occasional use services division for the upcoming sports season

 RRsat provides uplink, downlink and turnaround services from and to almost anywhere on the globe. The success of the occasional use services division, already delivering more than 30,000 hours of occasional-use content per year, is primarily due to RRsat's flexibility and quality of service combined with the extensive RRsat Global Network comprising over 40 digital satellite platforms and vast fiber optic capacity.

RRsat has designed a completely new, advanced Master Control Room (MCR), fully dedicated to the 24/7/365 occasional use services division, using the most cutting edge technology and highly skilled staff. With equipment acquired from vendors such as Snell, Ericsson (Tandberg Television) and Miranda Technologies, RRsat is implementing a range of robust solutions for the creation, management and distribution of content. These include an advanced large-scale 3G matrix, an HD motion compensated convertor that enables RRsat to perform myriad format conversion and audio processing tasks including Dolby E routing, to ensure sports feed quality. Using a live multiview system along with an overall monitor and control application, RRsat's staff can monitor and control HD, SD or other transport sources with real time alerts and automatic redundancy for possible faults in the service chain.

The increased IRD capacity, along with large scale RF and IF routers enlarges HD/SD amount of I/Os, increases DVB-S2 capabilities, allows signal decryption and encryption as needed, and permits up to 32 simultaneous incoming feeds for the occasional use market. The large number of new and existing encoders and modulators permit RRsat to provide services with any required formats: MPEG-2 or h.264, DVB-S, DSNG or S2 at the highest modulation hierarchies.

“RRsat has been providing global occasional use turnaround services to major clients for over five years, covering numerous types of live events, such as sports and news originating throughout the world. This upgrade increases the sophistication and speed of response of the RRsat occasional use services division in order to connect a great variety of sources to a breadth of destination with a push of a button – satellite to satellite, satellite to fiber, fiber to satellite and fiber to fiber. In addition, two clients connected to the RRsat Global Network will be able to readily establish a connection between them in order to share feeds between them,” commented Mr. Shmulik Itzhaki, Sr. Director, Broadcast Sales & Occasional Use of RRsat. “The new technologies and increased equipment improve workflows, decrease risk of failure and permit RRsat staff to spend more time communicating with its clients. We believe these new developments will enable us to further increase our service levels to current and new potential customers.”

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