SIS LIVE’S uPod® scores in Brazil and the company announces pending ANATEL certification

Milton Keynes, UK, June 2014: Satellite product design and connectivity specialist SIS LIVE has announced the sale of six uPod® satellite terminals to leading broadcasters in Brazil. These systems will initially be used to transmit news coverage around the upcoming football tournament before fulfilling regular newsgathering duties.

SIS LIVE’s award-winning uPod is the lightest, most versatile satellite uplink system on the market. A highly compact unit, it can be packed into IATA compliant cases and used as a flyaway uplink solution or mounted onto any vehicle. uPod is widely used by major news broadcasters around the world to transmit breaking news coverage over satellite, even from the most remote of locations. uPod features fully automated acquisition, an integrated bookings system, delivering a simple and seamless satellite connectivity solution for broadcasters.

In a move which sets it apart from many of its competitors, SIS LIVE has recently undertaken the approval process for official ANATEL certification for uPod. The National Telecommunication Agency (ANATEL) is the regulatory body for telecommunications in Brazil responsible for regulating and authorising service providers; managing the national spectrum and orbital usage; and defining telecommunications standards. The pending accreditation for SIS LIVE ensures its ability to deliver quality uplink services in the region.

Having previously purchased uPod terminals in 2011 and 2013, the leading broadcasters once again selected uPod for its versatility, reliability and track record of delivering impeccable HD news coverage. At the clients request SIS LIVE’s in-house engineering team was also able to customise the design to allow control of the uPod from the tailboard of the news trucks.

SIS LIVE products are developed and built by its in-house engineering team based on specific requirements identified and feedback gained in the field. SIS LIVE is the only company to design, develop, manufacture and operate its own range of satellite uplinks, and heavy investment in accurate tooling and high quality, low tolerance manufacturing processes has ensured the quality and performance of its antennae.

SIS LIVE’s satellite hardware division forms just one part of a wider portfolio which includes a UK and international fibre network; two teleports, NOC’s and iDirect hubs; over 500MHz of permanently leased satellite capacity; a record breaking satellite internet department; and the largest mobile satellite uplink fleet in Europe.

David Meynell, Managing Director, SIS LIVE said, “uPod has been a great success in Brazil and these latest sales demonstrate their appeal to these extremely significant broadcasters. I am looking forward to a month of spectacular football and I am extremely proud that uPod will be there to capture the action.”
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