TV2GO Teleport adds Dejero server to its Toronto MCR

Toronto, April 2014: As more and more broadcasters adopt bonded cellular technology as their primary live ENG delivery method, satellite and fibre service provider TV2GO, has joined the revolution.

The Toronto teleport and satellite truck operator has added a Dejero server to its Master Control Room. Now any of the thousands of Dejero bonded-cellular transmitters deployed worldwide can quickly access satellites or the global fibre optic transmission networks.

TV2GO also offer two Dejero Live+ 20/20 transmitter systems on a rental basis in Canada. These are normally paired with TV2GO’s servers, but can be assigned directly to a visiting broadcaster’s own Dejero infrastructure.

“We looked at the various bonded-cellular transmission systems available on the market and Dejero was our choice. The robustness of the gear and picture quality are superb”, explained TV2GO Technical Director, Junior Faisal. “The business of SNG is changing rapidly. Our bread and butter business is live sports broadcasting, but to stay competitive in the news business, our satellite company had to embrace this trend. By installing the Dejero servers in one of North America’s busiest Occasional-Use
Teleports, we’re able to greatly expand the reach of Dejero’s existing and future customers.”
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