Single-Piece Mobile VSAT

SIS LIVE has launched what it believes is the most innovative mobile VSAT system on the market.

David Meynell
Called the ManPak, it’s sufficiently compact and lightweight at 12Kgs to fit in a rucksack. It’s also very easy for a novice operator to use.

David Meynell, managing director, said, “What's really neat about it is that it's not frightening from a user perspective. I could instruct anyone on this in a few minutes. You take it out of the bag and it's so intuitive. In fact, I suspect that most people could operate it without any instruction at all because once you get it out of the bag, there are limited things you can do: you see a button, you pull up the lid, you open the flaps and you point it - and that’s it. It’s just so straightforward.”

One of the advantages of the unit is that it has no removable parts which means setup time is very fast. The company says it can be out of its bag and operating live within three minutes.

It can transmit on both Ku-band and Ka-band and achieve HD performance. The high bandwidth means there are no “break-ups or pixelations that you might get with the BGAN-type terminals” said David.

He believes the unit will be well-received by the broadcast industry. “I think it's a product that could transform the SNG marketplace,” he said.

The product - which costs approximately 25,000 GBP (US$40,000) - has been in development for a year and is now being trialled by several customers.
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