IHA launches Africa Today news service - free trial now available

Ihlas News Agency is boosting its presence in Africa with the launch of a new video news product aimed at African and Africa-interest broadcasters and websites.

With an official launch date of 15 February 2013, IHA Africa Today is available for a one-month trial period from January 15. Africa Today will focus extensively on Business, Sports and Entertainment and aims to keep news viewers across Africa up-to-date with coverage of what is shaping their continent.

From events around the African Cup of Nations footballing competition, to markets, to music awards and fashion galas, to political developments in Central African Republic, Congo and Mali, Africa Today will provide broadcasters with news content that is timely, continent-wide and relevant to their audiences.

IHA, one of the world's largest broadcast service providers, is committed to increasing its presence in Africa and helping build Africa's news broadcasting capacity across the continent and beyond.

For a free trial, please apply here:   www.iha.tv/Default.aspx?KDID=41&freeTrial=true
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