Aberdeen, UK: Camera Journalist - BBC

Job Vacancy: 
Camera Journalist - BBC 

Aberdeen, UK

Closing Date: 16th January 2018

Job Introduction
Do you have a vision for how to help develop the look and impact of BBC News’ visual output?

Are you passionate about working in a team creating distinctive visual journalism that makes as much impact on your smartphone as it does on your TV?

Are you willing to work into the evenings to make distinctive contributions to the new nightly news programme, The Nine?

The programme will take a fresh look at how news stories are covered across Scotland, and we are looking for a creative, skilled and ambitious camera journalist to become part of our enlarged team based in Aberdeen to help shape and sustain this vision.

You’ll help deliver compelling, distinctive visual content on the stories from the country’s diverse communities, including for many people who’ve not engaged with the BBC’s output before. Critical to this will be a hunger to shed light on under-reported stories in your local area, as we strive to appeal to an ever-broader audience.

Working closely with our newly recruited reporter, you’ll aim to create agenda-setting digital content as well as impactful broadcast journalism. Being a key part of making this happen will be challenging, but promises to be very rewarding too.

You’ll also cover breaking stories in the North East for the new programme as the show’s on air.

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