Beijing, China: International News Editor - CGTN

Job Vacancy: 
International News Editor - CGTN

Beijing, China


· Contribute towards production of daily news bulletins and specials. This will include stacking the rundowns, writing stories, integrating graphics & vision to tell a compelling, relevant story.

·Direct production of news programmes by assigning stories to writers, coordinating graphics requests, planning sequences with the studio crew and executing live programs.

· Produce news packages using wire agency materials, conceptualizing & writing the scripts, integrating relevant soundbites, and cutting the package.

· Break news on air quickly and accurately. React to developing stories, amend scripts and the rundown of the show to reflect the new line-up of stories.

·Conceptualise graphics, including Augmented Reality graphics, to tell the story in a more dynamic & interactive manner.

· Identify relevant topics for interviews, and potential analysts, CEOs, newsmakers. Research and develop a line of questioning with the presenters, aimed at breaking news and getting scoops.

·Maintain updated knowledge of global developments by monitoring trends, competitors’ activities and viewers’ feedback, and contextualizing stories for an Asian audience.

· Uphold and maintain news programme quality by performing regular checks, reviewing feedback and identifying areas for improvement necessary.

·Ensure editorial guidelines of the Company and policies set by regulators are strictly adhered to.

· As needed, vet inserts, packages and reports put together by other team members to make sure scripts are accurate, succinct, and ready for air.

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