London, UK: Senior Producer - NBC News

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Senior Producer - NBC News

London, UK

NBC News is looking for a Senior Producer to join the On Assignment team. As a Senior Producer, you will work to find, report and cover major stories around the world, including breaking news, initiative stories and long form projects.

The On Assignment team produces long form shows on a regular basis while also producing Richard Engel’s coverage of international affairs for all of NBC’s many platforms on TV and online. The unit is focused on reporting and producing original stories while also covering major breaking news around the world.

Senior Producers on the unit are responsible for the long form projects but are also deeply engaged in the daily work of covering the news.

Working in some of the most remote and difficult places in the world, you will supervise and direct the work of producers, crews and local teams while ensuring the safety, integrity and performance of everyone involved. As a member of the unit you will collaborate with the other producers and support their work, coming together as a team when the story calls for it and assisting from afar to make every story we produce better. Working with Richard Engel and the unit’s executive producer you will create compelling and important stories for all platforms, primarily for broadcast

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