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15.10.2012Italy: Costa Concordia Trial *** ARCHIVE


Captain Schettino will be at the Costa Concordia hearings

Grosseto, Italy – October 15th 2012

Full technical analysis in the case of sunk cruise ship Costa Concordia will be presented in a court hearing on October 15th .
The cruise struck the rocks near the shore of the Italian island of Giglio on January 13, which ultimately caused its shipwreck, killing 32 people on board.
The investigation's information, which was leaked into Italian media in early July, alleged that the black box data recorder may not have been working at the time of the disaster. It also suggested that the watertight safety doors designed to prevent flooding were left open.

The ship owner, Costa Cruises, have denied any such allegations.

The captain of the wrecked cruise Schettino will be present at the hearing and has recently been released from house arrest by Italian judges. He remains under investigation for multiple manslaughter, causing the accident and abandoning ship prematurely.

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The rest of the 32 killed in the Concordia accident were passengers waiting for crew to lead them to safety. In April divers sent a mini-submarine under the vessel to search the lifeboat deck that is now, effectively, at the bottom of the capsized ship. There they found eight bodies, including those of Gerald and Barbara Heil, a retired couple from Minnesota, and a 5-year-old Italian girl who had floated to the top of the elevator shaft that led to the deck. “They were there on that deck waiting for someone to rescue them, waiting for a lifeboat to come back,” the diver who helped recover the bodies tells Newsweek. “They had trust in the system, but it failed them. You try not to think of the horror when they realized no one was coming back for them.”

With a Tuscan court set to consider whether Capt. Francesco Schettino should stand trial for manslaughter and abandoning ship, Schettino appeared in an interview on Italian TV July 10 and said he was sorry for the accident, explaining that he had been distracted by a phone call when it occurred. Schettino, who described the collision as a “banal accident” in which “destiny” played a role, denies the charges against him and said in the interview that others should share the blame because the ship was under the command of another officer at the time.

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Grosseto, Italy
October 15, 2012

Italian judges are expected to reveal the data from the black box of the Costa Concordia cruise ship at the next hearing on October 15, 2012.

The 114 500-ton Costa Concordia cruise ship crashed into rocks just off the Tuscan island of Giglio with 4 229 people on board on the night of January 13th, just as many passengers were having dinner on the first day of a Mediterranean cruise. 32 people lost their lives.

Nine people are currently under investigation, including three executives from owner Costa Crociere and captain Francesco Schettino, who is also suspected of abandoning the ship before the evacuation was completed.

Investigators are focusing on why the ship was sailing so close to the island at high speed and why the evacuation was delayed for more than an hour after the crash when the giant ship was already tilting badly.

No trial is expected until the beginning of 2013 at the earliest.

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