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12.10.2017Gaza: President Mahmoud Abbas to visit Gaza Strip in coming days *** ARCHIVE


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas intends to visit Gaza Strip in the coming days and sources talk about the President Abbas will visit Gaza in less than month to complete the Palestinian Reconciliation, to put the final touch for this issue and end the Palestinian division after Reconciliation talks between Fatah and Hamas delegation in Egypt.

GCS is operational in Palestine ( Gaza Strip, West Bank, Jerusalem & Tel Aviv ), and we provide the following services

- SNG Trucks (SD-HD).
- Live Studio / Stand up positions (SD-HD).
- ENG Crews (all formats).
- Tape Feed (all formats).
- Edit suits (Premiere, Final Cut).
- Fixers/producers

For any inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Tel : 00972 82827146
Mob: 00970 597024202 / 00970 595577026


P.M.P is operational from Gaza, Ramallah and Jerusalem.

Following services will be available :
1. Live studios/ Stand Up "SD/HD".
2. SNG Truck
3. Tape feed All SD/HD formats.
4. Camera Crews.
5. Edit Suites ( Final Cut, Adobe Premiere………etc )

For rate cards and inquires contact us on the following :
Our phone numbers :


GMLinks will be operational in Gaza,to cover this occasion and will provide the following services :

- Live Studio / Stand up .(SD/HD).
- SNG truck .(SD/HD).
- OB van up to 5 camera ( we can provide studio or on outside location)
- Tape play out in all formats.
- ENG crew .
- Editing Suit .
- Fixer , Producer and translator ( French , English , Arabic) .

For any more information or details ,don't hesitate to contact us on :

Email :
Tel 1 : 00972595700341
Tel 2 : 0097282822491
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