This service is only open to paid subscribers, please contact us if you would like to subscribe to the 'Broadcast Services Directory' and post facilities on news and sports Events.

Start A New Event

  • Log-in
  • Go to ‘Tools’ (top right corner)
  • Start New Event – This is to create a ‘NEW’ event.
  • Fill in the details. Please do not use all CAPITALS for the heading.
  • Select either 'News' or 'Sports' depending on the type of event
  • If you would like to add photos of live positions, facilities etc. Click on ‘Add Photos’
  • Browse your computer for the photo (jpeg.png or gif format) For best results photos should be approx 500 X 500 pixels, add a caption if needed.
  • Press ‘Submit’
  • Your ‘Event’ will now be automatically up-loaded onto the TVZ website.

Adding To An Exsisting Event

  •  When adding to an event that is already on the web site, simply go to that event (make sure you are logged-in) view the event.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, a text box will automatically appear.
  •  Add your details/photos and submit. There is no need to provide your company name as the software will recognise who you are from your log-in details and insert your Company name to any listing.

To Edit or Delete an Event

  • Log-in
  • Go to your Event -  in the top right corner of the Event an Edit/Delete option will appear.
  • After editing your Event click submit.


This service is free for those who provide crews in sports, news and documentaries.
  • Register on the TVZ web site
  • Go to ‘Tools’ (top right corner) – View  ‘My Account’
  • Add new Camera Crew - this takes you to a new page.
  • Click on ‘Add your Details’
  • Submit your details,  please note a maximum of two lines (appox 20 words) of text in the ‘Details’ box is permitted.
  • A pop-up box will say ‘Thank you, your details have been sent to the administrator’
  • Once your details have been checked by the TVZ administrator, they will be posted on the TVZ web site.
  • Once logged-in you can also  edit or delete your details.

 This is a free service
  • Log-in (once registered)
  • Go to ‘Tools’ (top right corner)
  • Add new photos
  • Add headline and photos, click the browse button to search your computer for the photo.
  • ‘Submit’
  •  Once the photos have been approved by the TVZ administrator they will be published on the web site.

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